5L per minute - Camping/Caravan Geyser.
6 L per minute - Single Basin
8 L per minute - Kitchen and single bathroom basin
12L per minute - Kitchen, Bathroom with shower and Single basin
16L per minute - Kitchen, Bathroom with bath, shower and basin
20 per minute - Kitchen, 2 Bathrooms Incl. Bath, Shower, Basin and Laundry


- Save on Energy Cost
- Economical Hot Water, Energy Efficient
- Hot water available, off the power grid
- Long life span, No risk of burst geysers
- No Pilot Flame, Instant pulse ignition

LP Gas

- Gas Pressure 2800pa/2.8KPA
- Control Method - Fully Automatic
- Automatic flame failure protection
- Overheating prevention and anti-frost function
- Protection against blow out combustion and hard water
- 20min built in timer device and indicator
SABS & SANS 1539-2005 Approved, LPGSA Certified